Friday, October 7, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine Day yet I feel a warmth in the seat of my pants

I absolutely love when someone has a fine tuned ability to be snarky, cynical, or sarcastic without causing emotional hurt and suffering. By the way, Webster you need to add snarky to your dictionary. Please take note of this request. Now back to what I was saying...

A case in point is the two blogs I follow that are listed to the right ----->

Now I'm new to this blog thing and really have never been much of a writer per se therefore I don't consider myself to be anywhere near witty. I long for achieving 2% of the wittiness of The Bloggess. I say 2% simply because 1% seems like low balling it and anything more may come across as cockiness. Once I achieve said 2% wittiness then I can strive for higher percentages but for now let's just begin with that. As my therapist says, "keep your goals small, realist and achievable".

Okay I've strayed from my original point some. Here is an example of my love of snarkiness: and-then-the-pr-guy-called-me-a-fucking-bitch-i-cant-even-make-this-shit-up

What I enjoy immensely about this blog event not only is the wittiness of The Bloggess but the extraordinary efforts of her followers. It truly is amazing that a blog can be such a powerful platform for righting societal poor manners. I found myself laughing out loud at the fabulous comments. My laughing made the dog look at me funny then run off. I laughed so I think I leaked!

Simply by posting a blog, a situation and response changed. Just this morning when I checked her blog update there was a comment that it was discussed on the news. Even if its a social comment, the message is relayed. Although some may view manners as a simple, oh don't worry, I'm sure he's a good guy having a bad day, sort of thing, I have to say to them oh bullpuckey! The way we treat strangers says a lot about our character and the type of person we are on average. I enjoy immensely the fact that The Bloggess' followers sought out information about this poorly mannered shmuck and shared their two-cents. I can only hope they did not stoop to his cowardly level.

It is only fitting that I end this commentary about poor manners with mention of Matthew Shepard. It is the 13th anniversary of his passing. Ask yourself do poor manners, name calling, and bullying lead to a disregard for human life and if so, how can you make a difference. Please learn more about anti-bullying efforts and encourage the use of anti-bullying practices.

Matthew Shepard

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