Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dark days ~ Ain't no sunshine

The last couple of days have been really dark for me. I'm seriously struggling with the whole "I don't wanna" and "why do I have too". It is a major funk. I'd like to blame the funk on lack of self-care but that would be a huge denial. I've done really well getting rest, eating good foods, and even that dreadful thing exercise. Yet here I am feeling...wait for it...

I'm not sure what brought it about. I haven't had any remarkable occurrence significantly traumatize me of late. My power, water, and gas are still on. For the most part bills are paid. In the grand scheme of life, I'm doing better than the average American. Yet here I am feeling like I'm stuck in a rut too big to climb out of and lacking any ability to determine how to get help. It really is ridiculous. And contagious...

Seems that over the last few days my computer has also become "funked". After many attempts to revive it, I ended up with this result
I would love to rotate the photo for you so that you could see it in all its glory, but hey at least I was able to get a photo! Seems that whatever attacked my computer decided to remove all the icons from the desktop and hide all my folders. It has taken several hours to revive my poor funkified computer. Seriously thinking a trip to the Apple store is in order!

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