Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bright day activity - Maryhill Museum Outdoor Art Exhibit

 Over three and a half years ago my partner and I spent a day up at Maryhill Museum. It was one of our first "Washington" dates. On September 29th we revisited. You can find out more about this outdoor sculpture exhibit by visiting this link:

Here are photos from our outdoor adventure.  As you enter the exhibit area you are welcomed by a bronze sculpture of a blue heron by Jeffery Weitzel, The Grace Blue.This sculpture used to overlook the Columbia Gorge and appears to have been repositioned.

As we walked about much tomfoolery was had.

B- attempted to hop on Diana's Stag

Several of the pieces were the same as we had seen back in May, 2008. This one remains a favorite of mine simply because I'm fascinated with ancient beliefs about fertility, especially since now this area of the Gorge is blooming with grapes.  

A new sculpture to us was this incredibly large flower, titled Malabar Bombax by Matt Cartwright. I was very tempted to sit in that lower petal and be cocooned.

A couple of joggers nearly trampled me while I was taking pictures of the next exhibit, Moon Temple by Leon White.

The last exhibit piece is at the far end of the parking lot. I don't recall seeing it before but all the Maryhill stuff reports it as being their first piece. It is definitely an interesting juxtaposition of structure versus landscape. A path weaves in and around it allowing for you to stand at one point and line up the notches to see across the Gorge to a lone plateau. And, YES, I had to look up how to spell that word :) 

 Don't forget to travel this direction early enough that you allow time to visit the Maryhill Winery. They close around 6 p.m. nightly. I love their Gewurztraminer and the Muscato is delicious too.

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